Download my direct action novel – can it inspire protest?

birdsboozeandbulldozerspeterstyles2 (click on book cover to download)

In 2008 I was commissioned to write a novel called Birds, Booze & Bulldozers, depicting my time as an environmental activist in the mid-1990s. My publishers were utterly rubbish, especially as they insisted it be released as a hardback instead of paperback, though the book was well received.

Here’s the synopsis:

“Can you save the planet with a bicycle lock?
Birds, Booze & Bulldozers is the inside story of Britain’s environmental direct action movement – the most effective political counter-culture of the 1990s.
More at home with a ball at his feet and a pint in hand, Lester Stype is drawn into becoming an activist to help save the downland of his youth. The action follows Lester and his fellow ‘dozer divers up cranes, down bunkers and through long, cold winters in an attempt to stand up for what we stand upon.
A motley band of protestors trying to find the balance between protecting life and having one, as their actions change policy, society and ultimately themselves. Youthful passion clashes against the colossal power of big business and the state.
However, trying to defeat a £23 billion government road programme is a vegan picnic compared to dealing with heartbreak and hangovers.”

So, if anyone would like to download a copy of the novel on a pay-what-you-like basis (there is absolutely no obligation to give anything at all) click here to download full pdf.

You can also buy the book in physical form from Amazon for £3.99 + £2.80 p&p, here: Bookbuster or here at Amazon.

I believe there are many scenarios which are directly applicable to the present situation between the DWP and those who oppose them. I hope this story can inspire action and maybe lead to tangible direct action against the forces of darkness.

Ironically, maybe Iain Duncan-Smith would be impressed by my initiative. Other Tories would be less impressed with the fact that activists like myself wrecked John Major’s roadbuilding programme in the 90s. Ha ha.

POST SCRIPT: On December 1st this bunch of lunatics we laughingly call a government announced a new £15 billion road building programme across the UK. This, in my opinion makes Birds, Booze & Bulldozers even more relevant as a story to inspire opposition. 

Thank you – hope you enjoy the book, warning – it is a bit sweary in places and contains adult themes.

Back with more ’67 jobs’ news soon… Happy reading.

Peter 🙂


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