’67 jobs’ – Guess what? I got one of the 67 jobs I applied for!

Here is a sentence which I think proves the current approach of the sanction-happy DWP is deeply flawed and should be abandoned forthwith. In my opinion 17 words which is deeply damning.

I have got one of the 67 jobs I applied for in the fortnight I was sanctioned

got the job

So apparently I was sanctioned for having an insufficiently wide job search, despite applying for two entry level positions at a supermarket because I was ordered to by jackboot DWP bullies. Their intransigence and lack of humanity beggars belief.

I am still waiting to hear from the independent adjudicator looking into the reasons for the sanction, and have heard nothing from my official complaint to the DWP demanding two Brighton Jobcentre staff are sacked for discrimination.

No matter what the result – the simple sentence in bold above speaks volumes about the retarded nature of the present government and why they should be booted out next May – not that I was a massive fan of the Brown administration, but it seems like it was a loving, caring administration – a kind of family environment if you will – compared to what many have experienced since mid-2010. Rise up! Download my protest novel on a pay-what-you-want basis.

The scores, nay hundreds of terrible stories I have heard since setting up this blog – the coalface, all-too-real consequences of sanctions, the ATOS regimen and other uncaring, unreasonable measures – have been hard to hear. Hopefully one day Iain Duncan-Smith will suffer a massive fall from grace / misfortune and genuinely have to live with what he has done to so many. Alas, I fear this will not occur, and his dotage will be opulent, well equipped and accompanied by grace-and-favour residences and massive multiple pensions.

All I can say is that in the here and now I wish everyone the very best of luck with their job searching, and hope, as Ed Miliband tentatively announced last week, that the draconian system of sanctions will be scrapped if Labour get into office next time.

I would also advise – as I have all along – that those affected by these appalling measures club together, get in the faces of the politicians and make them regret the dreadful laws they have foisted upon us.

All the best for now,

Peter x


16 thoughts on “’67 jobs’ – Guess what? I got one of the 67 jobs I applied for!

  1. A6er

    Reblogged this on Britain Isn't Eating and commented:
    Pleased you have been successful mate, hopefully you will now how respite from those bastards at JC+
    Good luck with your new job Peter and I wish you all the best with your continued fight against being wrongfully sanctioned and vilified.

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  2. The Sound of Summer

    Congratulations on finding job, hopefully it isn’t on zero hours. A friend of mine was sanctioned last week because she was 5 minutes late for an interview at JC+ She was late because she couldn’t afford the bus fare to the interview and had to walk six miles to the job centre.

    The Nazi in the JC made her wait for over 3 hours despite the fact that the client after her didn’t turn up! This is the face of the Modern Conservative party. I won’t say what i think of them!

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  4. Diana E Forrest

    Glad of your good news, though I fear it means no more blog. But hopefully you will also win your case against the blighters. They seem to have got even worse since I was on the dole. Good luck in your new job. Diana

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  5. jray

    Peter I am very Happy that you have been able to find employment,but in the World of IDS (Fantasy) he will spin it that other than the fact you were Sanctioned,you would of not found a Job,utter Bollocks ,but ? Don’t put anything above the Bastards….Other than that Congrat’s Mate!


  6. Linda

    Well done getting a job, I hope you are successful with the Independent adjudicator. I have been waiting over 12 months for an independent case examiner to investigate into the death of my brother Tim Salter, after his benefits were stopped. Finally got a letter last week telling me I had been allocated an examiner and the investigation has started!

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  7. bank robber

    I was sanctioned two year ago as DWP advisor who I thought was a friend said to me I got sanction you or lose job its me or you basically so I was sanctioned for eight WKS .wile sanctioned you expected wile starving hungry to still attend DWP work program sign daily I was sanctioned for applying wrong type job . In job seekers agreement states apply for all suitable jobs that’s what did appealed they up held advisor well they not going go against own . So I signed off permently I now rob for a living I’M ME OWN BOSS YOU GET NO SANCTIONS THERE’S NO DAILY SINGING NO WORK COMMITMENT PLAN PAYS GOOD HOURS GOOD IF CAUGHT YOU ARE BETTER OFF AS YOU GO JAIL GOV PICK UP BILL THREE MEALS A DAY NO BEDROOMTAX AND UP ON RELEASE THEY GIVE YOU JOB AT TIMPSONS SHOE REPAIR WHO SAID CRIME DON’T PAY IT DOSE PAY I’M TESTAMENT TO THE FACT

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  8. lynnski59

    Great News for you!
    Might I just say that unless you get the sanction resolved – even though you might just be tempted to leave it now your in employment- should you be unlucky enough to become unemployed again – then the sanction will still be in force for however long they have said the sanction will be!
    Hopefully you’ll not be that unlucky but in these difficult times it’s best to get it resolved.

    Good luck!


  9. jaypot2012

    Oh great news 🙂 Really pleased for you.
    You make sure you keep on with your fight against the sanction and for the dismissal of the 2 JC+ employers.



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