67 job applications not enough for Brighton Jobcentre

My name is Peter Styles. I have been actively seeking work for a year since the company I was working for ceased trading.

Recently I was ordered to sign on a daily basis – a measure I took objection to. Despite this, I continued to diligently look for work whilst voicing my opposition to Iain Duncan-Smith’s draconian and ill-thought out measures.

On November 7th 2014 I was sanctioned by Brighton Jobcentre despite sixty seven (yes folks that’s 67) separate jobseeking actions in the last fortnight. I believe I have been singled out for discrimination for daring to object to government policy.

I  have appealed against this decision and put in an official complaint, but am looking to raise awareness of this case and seek a review of the powers DWP staff have to make their ‘clients’ comply with their unreasonable wishes under the current Work Programme.

Anyone who would like to follow up on this story is welcome to contact me on pstymail@yahoo.com or ring 07946 825926.

Also, if you would like to download a copy of my direct action novel, which I hope will inspire protest against IDS – go here.

You may also want the DWP’s side of the story I would suggest emailing jane.tilling@dwp.gov.uk but they seem to have disabled that address due to the volume of messages she has received (see pic below). Does anyone have complaints email addresses for DWP? Email them and I will add here. Brighton Jobcentre Plus can be contacted on 01273 647480 🙂

email pic

Thank you.


STOP PRESS: On the first day of this blog’s existence (11/11/14) it received in excess of 7,000 views, and a whopping 20,000 in its first 60 hours. That’s an average of 333 clicks per hour, every hour. Thanks for all the RT’s, links and messages of support.

UPDATE: Here’s this story covered in the Guardian 12/11 – Man who applied for 60 jobs while protesting at DWP policy sanctioned

And here’s the story covered 13/11 in the Morning Star – Sanctioned Jobseeker turns tables on Duncan-Smith with viral blog

15/11Disabled People Against Cuts reposting of Morning Star – Sanctioned jobseeker turns tables on Duncan Smith with viral blog

19/11 Paragraph about the blog going viral from Centre for Social and Economic Inclusion

20/11 Brighton & Hove Independent – Brighton man says Jobcentre is making it harder for him to find work

21/11/14 Here’s a quite frankly poor piece by my local paper The Evening Anus – possibly the sorriest newspaper in the western hemisphere – Jobcentre’s demands are hindering my job search, claims jobseeker

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84 thoughts on “67 job applications not enough for Brighton Jobcentre

  1. bobsie wayne

    i have been on work programme for nearly 2 years…i apply for 7 jobs the morning before sign on and i put this on dwp website…but change my application days…i then sign on and go home…plus i refused to sign any documentation whatsoever when i was put on work programme…this meant they have no right to check which jobs i had applied for ..they had no right to find jobs on my behalf..basically they cant get involved with me….when i did this they said i ‘had to sign’ then i said i dont becuase of the data protection act 2010 …if i remember rightly…. they then said they would sanction me immediately for not signing their forms…and i said you better speak to your manager…they went into office for 10 minutes with manager…and he was calling around…and then they came out and said …ok you dont have to sign…but come in next week and show us your job search.
    since then i have had no truouble from them..and recently forced them to release me from their program as i had moved address….they said they would get another one of their offices to take me on ….that is the last i have heard from them…its now 3 months down the line ..and i just sign on every 2 weeks with 7 fake jobs, that i have no intention of taking…as im retraining myself.

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  2. Gerrard Stevens

    I recently moved cities as the job prospects were a lot better. I told my advisor I wasnt looking for work in my home town as I was moving. She told me unless I actively looked for work in my home town I would be sanctioned. I had to sign a holiday form when I had an interview on my signing on day!!!!! When I complained, I was told I was always uncooperative and even though I was applying for 10 jobs a day it wasn’t enough. The whole process needs a complete overhaul

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  3. David

    Peter, I am so sad to hear about this, but not surprised. I have been working part time for over a year now, but only off JSA for about six months or so. It has taken that long to get over the trauma of job hunting – made worst by the job centre and the work program. I feel you may being targeted, so the staff meet their sanction targets. I have read about these on-line, though I had hope Brighton was wise enough not to get on board.

    I hope you succeed in your appeal and that you fine employment soon.


  4. KingdonWard

    Have you considered enabling some form of monetisation on your blog?
    I’m guessing you don’t want to cheapen the point you make by profiting from it, but there may be those, like me, whose immediate reaction was “how can I give this guy some money?”
    Put it this way, if you are raising a valuable point and are going to continue to do so in the future then your work is worth something.
    People donate to “Another Angry Voice” to help him keep his blog ad free and unbiased.
    Alternatively you could consider using Adsense which I use and which pays for all my hosting costs on a very small amount of traffic.


  5. Jim

    I was unemployed for 5 months and when I finally got a job I was told the position would start in 2 months. So my next trip to the dole office (13 days later) I delighted in telling them I had done nothing for the past 13 days because I had got a job (I went along with proof). However, getting a job isn’t good enough for them. I was told in order to continue receiving my benefits (worth about £600) I would have to continue looking for a job in the meantime. “But that’s ridiculous” I said, “mostly because it’s a waste of your resources checking what I’ve done when I don’t have to and you could be helping someone else who needs to find a job”. “I know” she said, “but they say that’s how it has to be done and if I don’t say I’ve seen what you’ve been doing I’ll get in trouble”. I just wonder who this ‘They’ actually is, and if they have a clue of how things work in the real world?
    So good luck, I hope common sense prevails here. Though mostly I hope you find a job you like and get out the dole loop……


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